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Science of Happiness

What is the science of happiness? My friend Scott recently wrote me and asked me what makes me happy. My immediate answer was that I am happiest when I play with my friends. But I would not be happy if that was all I did. So, there's the science.

It's something called neurophysiology, which just means how the brain works. It's weird to say, but I can actually be happy and sad at the same time. Like, I can be sad when my brother, Logan, leaves for Irvine, but be happy that I am on my way to a playdate, all at the same time.

Did you know that we can actually "practice" being happy? Like, practicing scales on the violin? Here's an exercise to try: Three Good Things. Research shows that being happy can extend your life by 10+ years!

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Thanks for the reminder. Being happy is a choice. Make the change today. You can do it. I love your positive attitude, Juliette.

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