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About Juliette

6-year-old philanthropist 

Juliette Leong.jpg

Juliette is a profoundly gifted[1] 6-years-old 5th grader and Davidson Young Scholar who paints[2] from her observation and imagination. Juliette started with abstract painting when she was eight months old.  By the time Juliette was 3 years old, people approached her parents to buy her paintings.  She started to paint landscapes and narrative art at the age of four, without any targeted instruction and with an intuitive ease that is notable. 


Juliette's paintings have been featured on the cover of two national magazines, Young Mensan Magazine and Humpty Dumpty Magazine. Juliette was the 1st place winner of the 2021 U.S. Kids Cover Art Competition. She has been giving painting tutorials on live television and on her YouTube Channel since she was 4.5 years old. Juliette demonstrates her highly intuitive, curious nature by making shockingly astute observations and predictions, much of which are expressed through her art, poetry and music.

Juliette regularly paints current events, such as “Amidst California’s Wildfires”, “View from Sheltered-In-Place”, “A Socially Distanced Playdate”, to name a few. Many of Juliette’s paintings are accompanied by her musical performances, including “Tomorrow”, “Over the Rainbow” and “America the Beautiful”. There’s a remarkable story behind every one of Juliette’s paintings. At 4.5-years-old, Juliette started to write poems to accompany her paintings. Her first poem, “Traveling Dandelions”, was published in Young Mensan Magazine Summer 2021 issue.  Juliette's first illustrated book on the topic of, "compassion" was done before she turned 5 years old. 

Juliette has an exceptional memory and prodigious musical talent (both violin and vocals), along with an interest and talent in writing, stand-up comedy, and networking. Juliette performed the National Anthem solo for the Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, Reno Aces, and Sacramento Cats in the summer of 2021 and for the 2022 APA Heritage Awards at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. As the 1st Place Winner of the 2022 International Music Talent Competition, Juliette will be the youngest violin soloist to perform at Carnegie Hall.

Juliette has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Asian American Donor Program to help blood cancer patients find a match. This child philanthropist has also contributed to Race to Erase MS, Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause, Oakland Public Education Fund, Art in Action, Mensa Foundation, APA Heritage Foundation, and Asian Inc. She has guest starred in podcasts as a child philanthropist. 

Juliette was recently the research subject of the documentary series, "Exploring Genius".  She is an aspiring doctor, teacher, artist, violinist and scientist. Juliette hopes to cure cancer one day!

[1] Juliette’s cognitive abilities evaluated by Licensed Educational Psychologist and Neuropsychologist at Summit Center in Walnut Creek, CA.


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