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Mozart and Starlings

Mozart would be 268 years old today. Happy birthday to Mozart! I think Mozart grew up in a similar environment to me, in Sparks, Nevada, because he had a pet starling, and we have a whole backyard of starlings. When you have so many starlings in your backyard and you are a young musician, it is only natural that you would want to play and compose for them. Did you know that the starlings would fly to me if I played my scales in tune? They do not come to me when I don’t play in tune. Or maybe we have lots of starlings visit because I practice the violin! Or maybe it is because I practice Mozart and starlings like Mozart type of music! Or it could just be that Mozart and I have a lot of REAL grass!

Although, we had plenty of starlings visit when I practiced Vivaldi. Maybe starlings like European music because that’s where their ancestors are from. But starlings did not fly across the ocean to get to Nevada. Many people wanted starlings to go to their country because they wanted the starlings to cut their grass! So, people shipped starlings across the ocean to get to Nevada. Wikipedia says that Europeans brought starlings to parts of United States, including Nevada, because they wanted birds that were mentioned in William Shakespear’s plays. I don't know about Wikipedia.

But, of course, Mozart would have been a great composer even without a pet starling. The music came before the starling. I’m just saying that the birds remind me of Mozart. Oh, and Mozart is one of my favorite composers. In honor of Mozart’s birthday, I’m going to feed the starlings in our backyard.

How to sing happy birthday!!!(LOL!!!)


happy birthday to you!!!(cha cha cha!!!)

happy birthday to you!!!(cha cha cha!!!)

happy birthday to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the starlings!!!(cha cha cha!!!)

happy birthday to you!!!(cha cha cha!!!)

January 27, 2024

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