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Orion Nebula

So many light years away,

I can spot clouds of gas at play.


The stars start their formation from here,

Just like how babies start from somewhere.


Is this beauty a delusion?

Like how rainbows are an illusion?


Will this sight scare the bluebottle butterfly?

Who cares when the world says goodbye?


Don’t freight the little things they say,

Because time will take it all away, anyway.

--Juliette Leong


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Virtual Vacation

Pandemic can't stop me from wishing
Pandemic won't keep me from dreaming
Stop complaining
And don't waste time negotiating
Hold on to your imagination
And keep up the education
I can take a virtual vacation
For any occasion
Pandemic can't stop me
And you can't stop me

--Juliette Leong

Spiders have feelings too


View from my window during shelter-in-place

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