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Nebulae Collection

By Juliette Leong

1. Fire pig nebula.jpg
Fire Pig
4. Mask nebula.jpg
2. Lagoon nebula.jpg
Super Nova Dog
The Mask
Lagoon Nebula
8. Reflection nebula.jpg
Monster nebula.jpg
Monster Nebula
7. Supernova nebula.jpg
Supernova Dog
The Bear Emission

Nebula Paintings of 2024

I painted this Nebulae Collection as a commission by American Mensa for the Young Mensan Magazine. These were such a joy to paint. I first painted the canvas black. Then, I poured the background with different colors of acrylic paint. (For some paintings, I did two pours.) After it dried, I used watered-down white, turquoise (and sometimes gray) gouache paint to create a cloudy, galaxy, and nebula effect. Then, I used white acrylic paint to paint "light." For some paintings, I splashed white and turquoise paint using a toothbrush to give it a stars everywhere effect. For some of the paintings, I painted sparkles using a thin paintbrush. For one painting, I added glitter before I painted the sparkles. Then, I named the paintings based on what I learned about nebulae.

- Juliette Leong

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